Do you have ideas about things you want to create that you can’t seem to make happen? Like a book to write, a blog to start or a business to build?

If so, it may be that self-doubt is holding you back.

Just this morning I’ve worked with two highly intelligent and creative clients who when receiving praise from others couldn’t acknowledge it.

Both of these clients struggle with something called imposter syndrome which is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

If you struggle with imposter syndrome, nothing you ever accomplish feels good enough. You’re more likely to believe that any success is the result of luck, rather than your effort and abilities.

And it holds you back significantly.

When you consistently doubt yourself you’ll find it hard to take risks and say yes to opportunities which stretch you out of your comfort zone. You’re more likely to procrastinate or continuously work at perfecting your work so that you never put it out into the world.

In the last post I wrote about How to Increase Your Motivation so you can work on your idea. The first factor which increases motivation was expectancy which is about the answer to the question: Are you confident in your ability to create whatever it is you aspire to create?

If you struggle with imposter syndrome or are in the process of recovery, your expectancy will likely be low. You’ll need to address these feelings of self-doubt so that you can increase your productivity and make your ideas happen with far less stress.

But first, you need to develop awareness about your imposter syndrome. It turns out that they’re 5 different types which […]